An employee of Japan's AR'S Corporation shows-off the company's wrist-type wearable miniature sensing module

Are wearables fit for clinical trials?

The incorporation of wearable technology devices into clinical trials is attracting attention from both healthcare and life science laboratories, as well as the boardroom.…

Mobile devices today are loaded with capabilities

Virtual assistance for every brand?

The next wave of wearable devices and the Internet of Things will come not only with many more connected devices — some 50.1 billion in five years -- but with specific apps that…

Consumer wearables data

How can the healthcare sector safely and accurately utilise data from consumer wearables?

A great article in Bioscience Technology acknowledges how new technologies are generating significant amounts of data in the healthcare and life sciences sectors and that this is…

Elderly patients on a jog on the beach

Engaging patients to decrease costs and improve outcomes.

Increasingly, healthcare providers face insurmountable opposing pressures: To bring down costs, but accomplish more at every patient visit.

Stethoscope wrapped around hundred dollar bills

The strategy that will fix health care.

In health care, the days of business as usual are over. Around the world, every health care system is struggling with rising costs and uneven quality despite the hard work of…