Vital Information with Remote Monitoring

Biokit. The complete remote patient monitoring solution. Chronic conditions often come with multiple symptoms, requiring monitoring of multiple metrics. Biokit solves this by creating a personal remote monitoring kit enabling patients to collect multiple data points on temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels – creating a more holistic patient view for improved patient management.

Biokit expands traditional remote patient monitoring to enable physicians to deliver better and more direct care. Physicians receive automated monthly reports summarizing patient data for a more detailed patient view. With Biokit, physicians can set alerts for each biometric, generating automated notifications when
patients’ biometrics fall out of range.

Biokit is remote patient monitoring evolved.


The importance of measuring your vitals

Consistency is key with everything, but especially when it comes to your health. Biokit gives you the luxury of monitoring your vitals daily, from the comfort of your own home. While at the same time, storing all of that important data and automatically sharing it with your healthcare team. Daily monitoring creates a more complete picture of your day-to-day health, which helps your doctor diagnose potential issues faster, and guides  you to make  better lifestyle decisions that will improve your future health.