Bioflux1—advanced remote cardiac monitoring technology engineered to

assist diagnoses of heart conditions,enhance patient outcomes,augment revenue capture,and curb healthcare costs

Bioflux1—advanced remote cardiac monitoring technology engineered to

assist diagnoses of heart conditions, enhance patient outcomes, augment revenue capture, and curb healthcare costs

Bioflux is a high-precision, single-unit mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) device that provides real-time monitoring and transmission of your ambulatory patients’ ECG information. Together with our proprietary software, highly customizable reports, and 24/7 monitoring center, the Bioflux system is a complete solution for remote cardiac monitoring that merges seamlessly with physicians’ existing platforms and workflows.


Our device features

  • Bioflux MCT device is a single unit that both monitors and transmits your ambulatory patients' ECG information
  • 3 channels of remote ECG data, recorded for up to 30 days, that offer increased diagnostic yield
  • Our proprietary, FDA-cleared software featuring advanced beat and arrhythmia auto-detection for increased clinical yield
  • Remotely programmable auto-triggers on bradycardia, tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, and pauses are customizable to your specific requirements for each patient
  • Leveraging IoT-connectivity on 3G and 4G cellular networks
  • A sampling rate of up to 1000 readings per second, providing unparalleled clinical precision
  • A compact, comfortable and single-piece design that encourages patient use
  • An intuitive LCD touchscreen interface and a single-use event button make the device simple for both clinicians and patients to operate
  • Security measures to enhance patient confidentiality

Our service includes

  • A 24/7, CMS-cleared monitoring center staffed by certified cardiac technicians, registered nurses, and arrhythmia professionals providing an exceptional level of customer service
  • Highly customizable reports tailored to a physician’s individual requirements are available through our secure online portal, and may be emailed or faxed to the interpreting physician
  • A secure cloud storage system that manages unlimited data. This enables physicians to single out data trends, and request highly-specific customized analysis and reports at any time

Our unique model enables

  • Physicians and medical facilities to purchase Bioflux device and software license bundles at a fraction of the cost of alternatives
  • Physicians to bill under both the professional and technical CPT codes for each MCT patient while also utilizing their insurance
  • The convenience of a monthly flat-rate invoice for each patient—with your patients never getting a bill from Biotricity
  • The simplicity of enrolling your patient online, activating the device, and letting our monitoring center do the rest

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Bioflux1—answering the need for improved cardiac monitoring

Bioflux1—answering the need for improved cardiac monitoring

Great progress has been made in the treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD). And yet, CVD is listed as the underlying cause of the deaths of more than 800,000 people in the US each year.2 That’s about one death every 40 seconds. That far exceeds the toll of all types of cancer combined. In fact, almost a third of all deaths in the US each year—from all causes—are attributable to CVD.

An estimated 85.6 million Americans, or 35% of the country’s population, suffer from one or more types of CVD. Contrary to stereotypes, only about half are over the age of 60, and the numbers of men and women are roughly equal.

Fraction of all deaths in the US attributable to CVD

Fraction of American adults with CVD who are under 60

Fraction of American adults with CVD who are female

Making matters worse, the costs imposed by CVD on severely over-burdened healthcare systems are staggering. Annual health expenditures in the US linked to coronary heart disease and congestive heart failure total more than $200 billion per year. The American Heart Association predicts that number will almost double by 2030.

To maximize the benefits of advances in medical treatment, technology is needed that will help physicians diagnose cardiovascular diseases both precisely and early in their development. Biotricity is answering that call with Bioflux.

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2. All figures quoted on this page come from Mozaffarian D, et al. (1 November 2016) Heart disease and stroke statistics-2016 update. Circulation, 134(18). [return]