Healthcare in Sync with Technology

A holistic view of heart health to take action when needed

Visualize previously unseen data. Integrated with diagnostics and remote patient monitoring devices, our cardiac disease management solution puts actionable data at your fingertips. Physician can view continuous data from the patient and adjust interventions and treatment protocols tailored for the individual cardiac patient. Patients receive actionable feedback from Physicians on their data increasing engagement and enabling a proactive approach to their heart health, all while feeling more connected to their healthcare team.

How Does biocare cardiac works?

The biocare cardiac solution is designed for patients diagnosed with, or atrisk for heart disease. Designed to accompany patients through their heart health journey, biocare cardiac delivers:

  • Integrated with state-of-the-art Technology
  • Customized Care Plans from a Physician
  • Provides Insights into Personalized Heart Trends
  • Direct Communication with a Healthcare Team

Bi-directional Care

Chronic cardiac issues are intermittent, often asymptomatic, and lifelong in nature. Today’s chronic disease platforms are mostly focused on medication adherence or generic chronic illness management. Biocare changes this by creating the first holistic disease management program focused on cardiac issues, designed to support a patient throughout their cardiac journey, from diagnostics to lifestyle management.

  • Patient-Centric Cardiac Solution
  • Automated Reports to Physicians
  • Visualized Data Reports for Actionable Response
  • Telemed Integration
  • Integrated Diagnostic Devices
  • Physician Focus on Continuity of Care
  • Improves Outcomes and Quality of Life