biotricity is changing the healthcare industry

by developing medical remote monitoring solutions that help prevent and manage chronic diseases.

What we do

biotricity is focused on delivering leading-edge, medically relevant biometric monitoring solutions for medical, healthcare and consumer use.

At biotricity we focus on bridging the gap in chronic care management. We are a remote patient monitoring company that seeks to build solutions for a variety of chronic illnesses that can be leveraged by physicians in the diagnostic process and then by patients for long-term care management. To faciliate this shift in chronic care we combine our IoT platform with universal connectivity and the cloud to provide seamless feedback, data analysis, and future integration with machine intelligence.

Evolving healthcare one step at a time, beginning with cardiovascular disease.

Our goal is to evolve the healthcare industry to help physicians better monitor their patients. At the same time, we empower individuals to manage their risk of cardiac issues and heart disease to live a better life, stay active and enjoy every day to the fullest.

To bring this vision to life, we’ve created two ECG monitoring devices designed to improve upon the tools and devices currently available in today’s marketplace.

biotricity aims to go above and beyond the Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) market by providing a turnkey, wearable medical cardiac monitoring solution. Our devices are developed with ongoing input from doctors, so every aspect of the medical profession is consulted in everything we do.

To achieve this, we are dedicated to:

  • R&D
  • honing our medical-device expertise
  • increasing our deep knowledge of biometrics
  • developing both software and hardware components
  • nurturing a cohesive medical network

For Physicians

bioflux is a medical technology solution for physicians to test and diagnose patients, and benefit from an innovative system that offers continuous active monitoring for up to 30 consecutive days.
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For Consumers

biolife is a preventative care solution for consumers. biolife leverages the expertise gained from bioflux and is designed to help individuals track their progress in real-time so they can stay motivated to make lifestyle changes.
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bioflux device

bioflux for physicians

What is bioflux?*

bioflux consists of an ECG monitoring device, software and access to a monitoring lab. The bioflux software component is an acquisition that is already FDA cleared and a standard for ECG monitoring in hospitals and cardiac clinics.

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Pending 510(k) clearance

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biolife for Individuals

What is biolife?

biolife is a health and lifestyle solution that comes with a device to monitor heart-rhythm or ECG—as well as respiration, calories, temperature, physical activity and more.

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